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Wire-Free Network Locks

locksHow does it work?

John Smith is the Marketing Manager for ATC Inc. Each day when he arrives to work, he presents his badge (key card) to the reader at the employee entrance gate which enables his entry to the parking deck and offices. Both his key card and the wall reader are components of the SALTO® wire-free networked access system.

While John’s interaction with the access system is
simple, behind the scenes much more is happening: his key card is updated with the latest changes from the
access control software and now he has access to the meeting room on the executive level that he booked for his 1.30 pm presentation.

His card also receives an updated list of all cancelled key cards. This information is subsequently transmitted from his own key card to every lock it touches As John continues his daily routine, his key card opens all offices, areas and meeting rooms within the building while it simultaneously records all door lock activity in its built-in memory chip.

After lunch, John presents his key card to the reader in the elevator. The changes made earlier to his key card now allow him to access the corporate level as well as the executive conference room to which he wouldn’t normally have access.

At 5.00 pm he leaves the office. As he presents the key card to exit the parking deck, all of his door lock activity, and the lock’s battery statuses, are uploaded onto the database. His key card is also updated to remove the executive level and conference room from his access privileges.

The next day he notices his laptop is missing from his office and contacts the facility manager who quickly logs onto the database. There it was recorded that only Nancy (IT Manager) accessed John’s office prior to his arrival.

No panic, a quick call to Nancy, and John has his laptop back after she performed the scheduled software upgrades to it.

On the third day at work, John notices he lost his key card and immediately reports it to the facility manager who cancels it in the database.

Rather than having to visit each of one of the wire-free locks, the facility manager knows that as the rest of the employees scan their key cards, all the wire-free locks will be updated with this information and will  simultaneously disableany access privileges of the lost key card.

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The Best Of Both Worlds

The Old World

Traditional hard-wired access control readers secured your perimeter doors while the interior door security was left to outmoded metal keys.

The New World

  • SALTO’s SVN allows you to centrally manage all your locks thanks to the access key cards that control the locks.
  • All locks are networked and they communicate wirelessly with your computer, making the tedious lock re-keying a thing of the past.
  • Your access key cards now take control over your door locks too. The networked locks communicate wirelessly with the computer.

 The Birth Of The Networked Lock

In today’s hectic environments the complexity of access control increases exponentially. Flexibility and adaptability are crucial in this dynamic world. Traditional stand alone electronic locks (such as hotel locks), while inexpensive, are unable to function effectively in this environment. Changes to access privileges require manual reprogramming of all locks. While this is fine for very small systems of one or two locks, it has proven to be completely unmanageable for larger systems of fifty or more locks. For this reason corporations have had little choice but to “hard wire” every access point they wish to control, a solution that is not cost effective.

SALTO Systems, the industry leader in RFID stand-alone locking systems, utilizes the latest technology to bring you the benefits of an on-line system in an off-line environment. This comes to life as one powerful access control system patented as SVN, that works without the need for expensive wiring or Wi-Fi infrastructures. Now you can afford to centrally manage and monitor all the interior doors in a building without sacrificing your budget or your liability.

School & Campus Solutions

Keep your campus one jump ahead with “Next-Generation” electronic locking solutions for world-class education environments.

With ever-pressing challenges facing the education sector, the time has come to replace antiquated mechanical key systems that compromise security
and are expensive and a hassle to maintain. SALTO has developed a suite of access control solutions that balance security with accessibility, and advanced technology with affordability. By embedding high performance electronic access control into their infrastructure, universities can protect their people, assets and buildings while providing world-class facilities that attract students and drive revenues.

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Keyless Health Care Control

Access control and key management is a major concern for Hospitals and other healthcare environments such as Aged Care, Assisted Living and Community Housing projects – so imagine being able to control access with no need for any expensive wiring. A single system that allows you to integrate all staff, patient and visitor physical security needs through networked stand-alone locks and on-line readers that provide you with real-time access control for your entire facility. The SALTO systems access platform needs no hard wiring, offering a “cable-free”, networked, electronic access solution that takes full advantage of the SALTO VIRTUAL NETWORK (SVN).

By storing an individual’s access rights on an encrypted smart card, and fully utilizing the capabilities of RFID read write technology with SVN, security and facility managers can integrate on-line and off-line elements, including stand alone door locks and cylinders, to cost effectively secure more healthcare doors.

……because security on healthcare doors does matter

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eMerge E3 Series

eMergeAccess Control Made Easy

Affordable, Scalable, Browser-Based Access Control. The eMerge® E3-Series represents the next step in the evolution of Linear’s access control platform, delivering faster set-up, enhanced features, and industry-leading scalability that outperforms the competition.

The E3-Series embedded browser-based network appliances make advanced security technology reliable and affordable for any entrylevel access control application. With tens of thousands of access control systems deployed in the field, and backed by decades of experience, Linear continues to deliver unprecedented value and innovation.

These full-featured, self-contained hardware/software access systems are perfect for commercial, industrial, banking, medical, retail, hospitality, and other businesses where users need to secure their facilities, manage access of personnel, create and analyze reports, and monitor the system remotely from any web browser.

The E3-Series’ comprehensive wizard is fast and intuitive, saving significant set-up time. Both the Essential and Elite can be seamlessly scaled up, via software keys, to other eMerge E3-Series systems providing increased door and reader capacity, enhanced features, and higher level capabilities. Linear’s eMerge E3-Series makes expansion easy. The eMerge Essential and Elite set new standards of excellence for reliability, ease-of-use, expandability, best-in-class value and lowest cost of ownership.

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